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Baseball Vacations: Great Family Trips to Minor League and Classic Major League Ballparks Across America

Baseball is a wonderful way to see and experience America. We saw it all -- from the extraordinary beauty of our country to the shameful neglect of some of our downtowns.

One of the first things we saw in every town we visited was a baseball field. The sport is a basic part of America's fabric, and its tentacles reach into all parts of life. In Memphis, patrons got free admission if they brought in a bulletin from any house of worship. No matter how many times we witnessed it, it was hard not to get teary when teams would let Little Leaguers stand next to the players for the "Star-Spangled Banner."

We wrote this book to help the families plan realistic vacations that include baseball. It's a departure from the usual "guy trip" books that emphasize steak houses, baseball trivia, and sports bars. Hey, we love those guys, but it's nice to know a restaurant with milk and apple juice. We've included kids' entertainments, from hands-on science museums to water parks, and history stops that, for the most part, kids will want to see: Indian pueblos, battlefields and even a corny Boston tea party.